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  • 26 Mar
  • 2021

Know How Your Baby Grows With Every Month And Year

Watching your baby grow is fun and exciting. Just remember that all children grow and change at their rate. You shouldn’t compare your baby with other babies. But if you question the way your baby is growing, be sure to ask your Pediatrician

The following list outlines the things most babies can do as they grow. 

1 week 

-Respond to sound 

-Respond to parents’ faces and voices 

-Move arms and legs 

-Hear very well 

-Sleep about 14 to 17 hours a day 

1 month 

-Lift head for a short time when lying down 

-Sleep three to four hours at a time; stay awake 

-one hour or more 

-Watch your face as it moves from side to side 

-Be comforted by being held or talked to 

2 months 

Coo and make noises when spoken to 

Listen to voices and other noises 

Like to look at colorful things and lights 


When lying on tummy, will lift head, neck and 

upper chest 

Can control his or her head when held upright

4 months 

Babble, coo, smile, laugh, and squeal 

When lying on tummy, will raise the upper body 

on hands 

Roll from front to back 

Open hands, hold own hands, grasp rattle 

Control head well 

Reach for and bat at objects 

6 months 

Say “dada” 

Sit with help 

May have the first tooth 

Hold objects and put them in your mouth 

Move objects from one hand to the other 

9 months 

Respond to own name 

Understand a few words 

Crawl and stand with help 

Sit up without help 

Show fear of strangers 

Play games like peek a boo and pat a cake 

12 months 

Begin to take steps and talk 

Look for dropped or hidden objects 

Wave “bye-bye” 

Able to say a few words 

15 months 

Feed self with fingers 

Drink from a cup 

Understand simple orders 

Listen to a story

18 months 

Throw a ball 

Imitate words 

Use two-word phrases 

Use a cup and spoon 

Show affection, kisses 

2 years 

Can go up and downstairs one at a time 

Kick a ball 

Stack blocks 

Follow two-step orders 

Copy adults

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