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  • 22 Dec
  • 2020

Baby Care, First 24 Hour

You are bound to be amazed by the first sight of your newborn. For the first few hours after birth, your baby may be very alert and responsive to your touch, voice and warmth. Take advantage of this opportunity to feed, stroke, talk to and look closely at your newborn

Newborn Appearance


Your baby’s head may appear large compared to the rest of the body. It may be more elongated than oval due to the delivery process. The process of change in the shape of your baby’s head after birth is called “molding.” This molding gradually corrects itself in about a week.

Changing the baby’s head position from back and side to side will help. Babies have two soft spots, or “fontanels,” on their head. The one in the front usually closes between 6 and 24 months; the one on the back of the head is often closed at birth or closes within 3 months.


Newborns can see, but not as clearly as adults. Your baby may look cross eyed for the first few months of life because of immature eye muscle control. Eye coloring may change after birth to its permanent color at about 6 months of age.

Your newborn may have swelling around the eyes. This will go away in a few days. Some babies have a red area in the white part of the eye. This is a small hemorrhage from pressure during birth. No treatment is necessary and it will disappear within several weeks.

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