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  • 25 Apr
  • 2020

Top Indian Baby Names Of 2020 With Meanings

Are you looking for a name for your gurgling bundle of joy? Is the naming ceremony getting too close for comfort? We are here to help! Here’s a list of the top 50 baby names with meaning which will be trending in 2020.

Today’s Indian babies will become global citizens tomorrow. So, this list is carefully curated to keep them rooted in Indian culture while giving them wings to fly the world. 

Indian baby boy names with meanings:

Name             Meaning

Aahan       -Dawn

Aariv - King of wisdom 

Advik - Unique 

Akarsh - Divine 

Amal-   Pure

Arhat- Respectable

Asav- Essence

Avichal- Unmovable

Divit -Immortal

Nithik  -Master of justice

Reyansh-Ray of light

Rishaan- Good human

Ruhaan- Kind-hearted

Sahin- Master

Saksham- Capable or Skilful

Shray - Marvellous

Vihaan - First ray of sun

Farhat - Happiness

Haziq-  Intelligent

Ishat-  Superior

Ivaan-  Royal

Balram - Brother of lord Krishna

Baby girl names with meanings:

Name      -       Meaning

Ada           -      Style

Ahana       -      Dawn

Akira        -    Strength; grace

Anika      -      Goddess Durga; grace

Charvi     -    Beautiful lady

Iraa         -     Earth; pleasing

Kaira      -    Peaceful; unique; pure; beloved

Kavya    -    Poem

Keya      -    Flower

Laboni   -   Graceful

Laher     -    Wave

Naila      -     Attainer

Naisha   -     Special

Neysa    -    Pure; intelligent

Nishtha  -   Faith

Pahi        -    Petal

Pavi        -      Pure

Prisha   - God’s gift

Raahi     - Traveller

Saee -      Friend

Samaira  - Enchanting

Shanvi   -   Famed

Sharvi    - Divine 

Shravya  -  Melodious

Tiya        -    Bird

Pick your favorite baby girl or baby boy names from these lists and give your child its first identity.

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